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From Missouri Native Plants Society Facebook Post

Maramec Springs Park outside St. James, MO is about to undergo a major transition from a traditional manicured fescue grass park to a 100% native planting park. This is excellent news. Over the past two years they have disked and seeded much of the park with soybean to prepare the soil for native seed which will be planted this winter. Approximately 70 acres of the over 160 acres available will be seeded this winter and the rest the following winter. This transition will make Maramec Springs Park one of the largest pollinator friendly parks in South central Missouri. In the process it will also become a magnet for birds, especially sparrows and other grassland species. This commitment by the park to go native also qualifies it for inclusion on the GREAT MISSOURI BIRDING TRAIL which will happen in January of 2022. This is powerful, for in the future the tens of thousands of visitors who visit and park will be introduced to the power of native plants. And birders from or across the state and nation will have another great location to hike and bird. When all is said and done Maramec Spring Park will have miles of new trails through multiple habitats including native grassland, Meramec river riparian zone, woodlands, pine woods and other. Soon the park will not only be a destination for trout fishing, but also a destination for birders, naturalist, hikers and other outdoor enthusiast. Keep tuned to park news for they are also planning an annual festive geared to birds, butterflies, native grass and wildflowers, native trees and all related subjects.