Guidelines for sharing plants—jumping worm prevention:

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The Wild Ones St. Louis Chapter board has decided to refine their recent policy about plant sharing at their
Garden Gatherings. After further research and many conversations with knowledgeable members and local
experts during the Partners for Native Landscaping Native Plant Fair they concluded: It is safe to share plants
dug from gardens with the following precautions:

  • Rinse the roots of the plant before planting. Gently massage roots in a basin of water to remove soil
    clumps, until no soil remains affixed.
  • Afterwards, strain the water and place any solids larger than a poppy seed in a trash bag in the sun.
    This will destroy, through solarization, any jumping worm cocoons.
    Precautions are not necessary if the shared plants are from seed grown in potting mix or are bare root.
    You can find information on jumping worms at: Jumping worms, also called Alabama jumpers