St. Louis Open Yards

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St. Louis Open Yards

A Native Landscaping Program

 A program for native landscape “open houses” across the St. Louis region from spring through fall. First openings planned for spring 2022.

 Each landscape host decides exactly when their yard is open…a single day, every weekend in April, daily in June, by appointment only, etc. This should be ideal for native plant landscapes which are constantly changing. Collectively, the program will have open yards from spring through fall. 

All visitors will register online through a web-based tool with detailed descriptions of each landscape, including searchable keywords. Registration will be limited by date and landscape, and only registrants will receive exact landscape addresses. 

Registration will include a nominal fee (perhaps $5) to cover program costs and support partner organizations like Grow Native, St. Louis Audubon, etc. (as determined by the Program Committee). Potential for ‘package discount’ for registering for a minimum number of yards or for families. 

A portion of registration fees generated at each landscape will go to a charity chosen by the landowner (e.g. Saint Louis Zoo, Operation Food Search, Stray Rescue, etc.). The charity will be included in the online listing for the yard. The goal is to make a connection with the community at-large while likely drawing attention to some little-known charities. 

While the program focus is on residential spaces, all landscape types are open for consideration. 

The program should also be ideal for yards in small towns like Elsah, IL and Hermann, MO outside of the St. Louis core that are rarely, if ever, included in single-day events. 

The Open Yards approach should satisfy a wide array of participants, from beginner gardeners to experts. Visitors self-select the ‘complexity’ of the gardens visited based on the online description. 

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE, including the possibility of opening your own landscape through this program, simply contact us directly at [email protected] or (314) 599-7390. You will then be contacted by a representative of the program with additional detail and answers to your questions. 

St. Louis Open Yards complements existing events like the St. Louis Native Plant Garden Tour. 

St. Louis Open Yards is modeled after the UK’s Scotland and National Garden Schemes

St. Louis Open Yards is currently an independent effort managed by a program committee staffed by volunteers and led by Mitch Leachman, co-founder and former coordinator of the St. Louis Audubon Society’s Bring Conservation Home program. 

[email protected] / 314.599.7390