2023 Landscape Challenge Winners

This year Wildones St Charles area chapter awarded the Landscape Challenge of a front yard
design and installation of plants native to Missouri to Adam and Angie Quigley, of St Charles city,
in St Charles County.

Adam and Angie in their application, stated “We recently discovered the importance of native
landscaping. We have always been a “no lawn chemicals” family and are ready to take the next
step”. They listened to the audio book “Bringing Nature Home” by Doug Tallamy and said they
were excited to begin transforming their property this summer.

The property is .43 acres with a large sweeping front and side yard, on a street that carries a
good amount of pedestrian and auto traffic. Angie is on her neighborhood HOA and is the Chair
of the Neighborhood Landscape Committee.

The Quigleys’ put in a “Little Free Library” in their side yard and wanted to add steppingstones,
and a bench under a crabapple tree, to welcome passersby to relax and enjoy a book. Angie
said, “It would be great if people could sit and stay a while and enjoy a little bit of nature, too!”

Adam and Angie have 2 young children and she hopes they can enjoy watching nature unfold
around them in the garden.

The garden was installed on September 9, with plants purchased from Missouri Wildflower
Nursery and River City Natives. Both companies were a pleasure to work with, and to obtain the
plants needed. Thanks to Missouri Prairie Foundation and the GrowNative program for
supporting this project.

The garden was designed by our member Jim Stellern, who really took the job seriously and put
in many hours, consulting with the Quigleys to provide a garden of plants that should thrive in
shade, part shade, and sun, with blooms all season long.

We cannot wait to watch this “Little Free Library” garden grow!

If you think your yard would be a good candidate for a front yard native garden, please apply in 2024!